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About Freetii

Freetii™ is designed to conveniently make loose leaf herbal tea, fresh leaf herbal tea and iced tea. The innovation is in the two piece mug design which allows you to start your travels while your tea is still infusing. The continuous steeping design holds the tea leaves in the bottom portion of the mug while the top portion is filtered ready for you to enjoy at any time. Patent #201 610 0100.

Loose leaf herbal tea
Freetii is different from how most tea mugs work, it keeps the loose leaves in the mug which continue releasing their nutrients while the upper part is filtered ready to drink. The advantage of making herbal tea this way is that the herbs infuse while you travel so you no longer have to wait for your tea to infuse before you head out.

Fresh Leaf Herbal Tea
As well as making dried loose leaf tea Freetii is great for fresh leaf herbal tea. Its features include a 'mortar and pestle' and a 'knife and chopping board' all designed to conveniently cut, chop and press fresh herbs. The advantage of using the utensils to prepare your tea is that the juices and in turn mess is contained within the inner surfaces of the mug.

Iced Tea
Freetii is also great for making a premium iced tea. Place loose leaf black tea in the bottom half of the mug and add boiling water. Allow the tea to steep for the amount of time you desire. Add corn syrup, ice, and cold water. For a tangy fruity hint add a dash of fresh lemon juice and a slice of peach. Although the tea stays in the mug the ice cold water will slow the steeping process preventing your tea from going bitter.

Another method for making iced tea is by an extended period cold water steep of 8-12 hours. This is a variation of sun tea (where the sun is used to warm the water which fastens the process). Simply add the loose leaf tea, cold water, and organic sugar. Pop the travel lid on and place it in the fridge overnight. In the morning your iced tea ready is ready to take with you.

Why Fresh Leaf Herbal Tea?

If you can resist the lure of convenience that dried loose leaf tea offers, making tea from fresh ingredients has added benefits. Herbalists recommend fresh over dried because some of the active ingredients are compromised during the drying process. This is because the drying temperature is above the boiling point of the volatile components of some plants. Essentially, dried loose leaf tea is great for you but fresh is even better and for this reason, Freetii does both.

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Loose leaf tea is considered to be the safest way to make tea. Some health professionals have concerns about the chemicals used to make some tea bags. Dr. Mercola published an article "Tea Bags - A Surprising Source of Potential Toxins" View article. Freetii is for health, Freetii parallels the convenience of bagged tea so that you can enjoy quick and effortless loose leaf tea and have peace of mind that your tea is free of toxins. Use Freetii to make healthy herbal infusions from fresh and dried ingredients conveniently.


As well as health benefits there are environmental benefits for using loose leaf over bagged tea. Rebecca Smithers from The Guardian reports that the "vast majority (of tea bags) are only 70-80% biodegradable" View Article. As well as promoting the use of loose leaf tea, Freetii is designed to be easily dismantled into the individual material types for repurposing or recycling. A fast growing sustainable wood is important to us, the mortar and pestle are made from acacia. Freetii is also designed to be easily separatable into different material types so that at its end of life it can be dismantled and recycled or repurposed.


It is widely regarded in the tea industry that loose leaf tea has a better flavour than bagged tea, particularly whole loose leaf tea. This can be attributed to three main reasons; 1. bagged tea is usually made from low tea grades, such as dust and fannings which have a larger surface area than whole leaves. The larger surface area allows the flavour containing oils to evaporate. 2. bagged tea is usually a mixed blend from various sources and regions, whereas whole leaf tea is usually a specialty tea from a specific region. 3. The conventional bag limits the infusion because of the restricted area that the tea is contained within. Use whole loose leaf tea in Freetii for a more refined flavour.

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